More of Boardmag in Norway -Part III

  • Boardmag
  • 12.12.2015

Budget and getting around

I was surprised when making the cut. We did not spend that much money! The Switzerland of Scandinavia can be organized for the low budget traveler. I met Tim with two ski bums from Andermatt. He spent 800€ for two weeks Norway, flight included! So, there are ways to get around for a really good price, but may include camping and using public transport.


Road to Malangen from Tromso


We experienced that the best offers for flights go from Munich to Tromsø. Friends coming from Munich spent 300€ for their return ticket including boardbag. Hard to beat, I would say. We rent an off-road-car and squeezed everyone and everything in and on top. We decided 25€ a day/person is totally worth some mobility and I would still recommend it. Shopping, spot checks, fishing and taking a break from the rest of the group now and then, became so much easier with a car.




car rental: bil wreck or sixt



We used AirB&B to find accommodation. We heard it can be difficult to get a place to stay, especially when you are a bigger group and getting into the remote places. The prices can get up to 60€ a night. We experienced that between 30-40€ per person is a fair price to calculate. But from my perspective now, you can also find something when you get there. It might be a bit of a hustle, but people are very helpful and it leaves you with all the choices. You can find places with sauna and whirlpool, but keep in mind that drives the price up. Not as high as staying on a boat but again a nice treat.




We actually did not missed living on a boat. When you talk about touring in Norway, many people think it should include a sailing boat. Prices for staying on a boat vary between 80€-120€ per day. Therefore, make sure you really want to spend that money.We appreciated the warmth cottage, where we could dry our skins, boots and clothes. And getting around by car was great. There is much to see and the mountains are so easy to access. We felt like on a winter safari. Everywhere we looked, lines and faces were looking back at us.


A beauty of a mountain in the middle of northern Lyngen


Our first recommendation is in north Lyngen, Lenangen:

Reidun has got her wonderful place in this northern part of Lyngen, she just finished to built. It has got everything you can think of and the host fills it with the love you wanna stay there forever. She has got a good network, which comes in handy in case you looking for something special.


Link to Reidun's place


The second place we can recommend, was located 15 minutes from the airport of Tromso. 

It was a perfect base, where we really enjoyed the exchange with the hosts. 

Reinhold & Karsje are the heads of a wonderful family what you truely can call addicted to the mountains. They helped us out with their expertise and showed us their local mountain "Tromsdaltinden". They have got space for 3-5 person with a nice terrace from where you can see the city of Tromso. (contact: karsfysio(at)


link on Airbnb (Empfehlungscode dbuhrer3, bekommst du $25 Rabatt)



Last but not least - a big thank to all the people taking us in. We are hungry for more. Lets see what our next destination will be? There is much out there to explore.

Tusen takk!


Kite runner on top of Gorzelvtinden, Mainland Troms


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