Boardmag in Norway -Part I

  • Boardmag
  • 12.04.2015

About being Lagom

Broke and traveling to Norway. The Switzerland of Scandinavia. Let’s say I have made better economical decisions in my life. But after finishing my studies in Freiburg and then working in the swiss alps, it was time for another change. This Swedish girl brought me to Göteborg, Sweden, and from here Norway is just around the corner.

I am slowly getting to know a new culture, where the word "lagom" defines a lifestyle. It is not easy to adapt to, and I struggle with the Swedish mentality. Celebrating Christmas in Schweden was a good example of lagom. Just like the Vikings we were sitting around the dinner table with one single bootle of beer. One single bottle! Everyone got just a tiny bit of beer in their glass and finished it quickly. A new beer was brought out. Just to make sure we all had just enough beer, but not more. Lagom is simply a synonym for not standing out. For being good enough, but not more than that. The only exception is, when the Scandinavians make jokes about their neighbors. My girl-friend asked me the other day: „Do you know why the Norwegian stopped water skiing?“ Answer: „He could not find a lake steep enough!“

Apparently, the Swedes believe that ALL germans love collecting elk poo and stealing elk road-signs when visiting their country. She asked me: „Why do Germans do this?“ I asked her: „What is an elk?“. We try to stop generalizing.

But ok, we decided to travel to the Norwegian mountains, since it is „just around the corner“. It is a four hour train ride to Oslo followed by a nice little flight up to Tromsö. From there, we won’t continue by helicopter (which would be the Swiss way) nor ride an elk (which I would love to since I am a German).

We will strap our loaded board-bags on top of a not-so-cheap car with the motto „Don’t be gentle - it’s a rental. We will also bring one or two beer, since a beer in this Fjord-country cost half of your monthly salary (at least as a substitute teacher).

We are not sure of what to expect of this trip. Elks? Helicopters? Avalanches? Fish? Seeing Germans stealing elk-signs? We heard about long hikes from sea-level up to 1.500m. We will let you know, what we come across!

Link: Book review: Touring in Troms


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