The Nike 6.0 & Isenseven Videoworkshop - A day with Kevin Bäckström

  • Boardmag
  • 25.10.2010

 The Nike 6.0 & Isenseven Videoworkshop  - A day with Kevin Bäckström


Vergangenes Wochenende ging die Moreboards Stubai Premiere 2010 über die Bühne. Nike 6.0 & Isenseven haben dabei einen kleinen Videoworkshop auf die Beine gestellt. Das Video mit Kevin Bäckström gibt es hier zu sehen. Man beachte zudem die sorgfältig platzierten Boardmag/Boardshop Sticker...wer die da wohl hingeklebt hat....

Vimeo Video

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Isenseven's Alex Schiller dazu: "This year we did a little special something at the Stubai opening. Nike 6.0 and Isenseven hosted a video workshop where kids could come and learn some useful stuff about filming, editing and everything else you need to make a cool video. I had 8 participants in my crew and we hung out all day on the mountain, filming Nike 6.0 rider Kevin Bäckström (plus a little cameo from Peter König, Elias Elhardt, Werni Stock and Benny Wetscher). We worked with two cameras (the Sony EX-1 and the Canon 5D DLSR) and I gave the filmers some insights on the way I work, helped them out and gave them useful tips. After we collected enough footage during the day, we headed down to the editing studio which I set up in the hotel we stayed at. The gang spent 3 hours (which isn't much time) with me and edited this little clip. All in all it was a super nice day at Stubai and it was fun to work with some really ambitioned filmers/editors."



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