Hu Am I - Mellowparks in China

  • Boardmag
  • 23.06.2010

Mellowparks bauen in China seit Jahren ein erstklassiges Setup zuden TTR 4star Red Bull Nashan Open. Den Clip zu ihrem neuesten Projekt HU AM I gibt's hier:


"With the “Niu” year behind us, we’ve now entered the Year of the Tiger – ‘Hu’ in Chinese. This year’s movie ‘Hu Am I?’ showcases the best of Chinese snowboarding, as our favourite pastime grows momentum in the Middle Kingdom.

The third full-length snowboard movie from, ‘Hu Am I?’ features shred sessions with well-known riders Wang Longsheng (Andrew), Steve Zdarsky, Marco Huang, Wang Lei, He Wei (Xiao Hu), Sun YiMing (Mingming), Zhang Wei, Xiao Guo, Li Jie (Jay) & Liu Li as well as all our friends that stopped by along the way!
Shot primarily at our home base in the Quiksilver Nanshan Mellow Park, we also travel to Wanlong Ski Resort for some freeriding and hit up the Nike 6.0 Summer Lab over the off-season for some indoor shredding.





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