Puzzle Video March/ April 2009 online

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  • 01.04.2009

Puzzle Video March/ April 2009 online

Auf der Puzzle Seite könnt ihr euch das aktuelle Puzzle Video March/ April 2009 laden. Über 20 Minuten feinstes europäisches Skateboarding. Anmelden, Einloggen und saugen.

Inhalte sind:

Music by The Teenagers


Except for : the "5th District Japan tour" & the "Filmed by" sections.

Coming from France, The Teenagers is made of 3 talented DJs as Michael Szpiner, Dorian Dumont and Quentin Delafon.
An original mix between electronics and alternative music...

5th District Japan tour


Japan is on fire !

Featuring : Severin Von Ow, Jan Hofer and Japan people

Filmed by Chris Shenton, Junji Murata, Hidenori Tanaka, Masakazu Tamaki, Yoshikazu Hirai, Ichitaro Okamoto, Ryuichi Okumura

Song : Whales and Amber "Zigitros", Forest Electric Ep

Filmed by Mark Nickels


Lots of riders for lots of impressive tricks...

Featuring : Willow, Lennie Burmeister, Michael Mackrodt, Bas Janssen, Alex Mizurov and a lot more
Sequence : Willow - nollie 36 Flip

Filmed by Mark Nickels

Song : Goddman Electric Bill "Lost in the Zoo DJ Egadz Remix"

Volcom Alicante tour


An increasing riding level all along the trip... Nice!

Featuring : Roberto Aleman, Fabian Verhaeghe, Peter Molec, Enis Fazilov and Chris Pfanner

Filmed by Hans Claessens

Songs : The Teenagers - "French Kiss" & "Feeling Better"

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