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Lunch Break - Full Note Shop Video 2024

  • Boardmag
  • 28.04.2024

Der englische Full Note Skate Shop präsentiert uns “Lunch Break”. Zwei Jahre wurde in den Straßen Manchesters gefilmt. 

Filmed by Mike Busko und Edited by Joe Gavin. 

Featuring the likes of Zane Crowther, Ben Peel, Lewis Threadgold, Joe Gavin, Marcus Craven, Reuben Horvath, Mike Smith, Colm Garland, Amii Zylberman, Mani Haddon, Armarni Rochford, Chris Maddox, Ben Grove, Tony Da Silva, Charlie O’Donnell, Matthew Nevitt, Joe O’Donnell, Kizzy Yuil, Dan Cintra, Ben Garcia, Dom Henry, Ricky Davidson and many more. 

We love it when NOTE share some randoms facts from each video so have a read below: 

“The picture of Bez with Marcus was taken after he came into the shop barefoot on a mad one looking for some shoes. 

It’s rained here everyday for about 8 months. 

The ‘Street Healer’ was basically saying “Never wipe your arse with the same hand you film with” 

Before Grove filmed his kickflip, he took everyone for a bloody mary to get hyped. 

Konteks Beats is a rad skater from Manchester making dope music check him out • / konteks 

Mike (Who filmed the video) had twins during the making of the video. 

Neil’s line at Stockport was the last trick filmed. 

Ricky’s part was all during his Lunch Break while working at NOTE as he was about to be a dad. 

We surprised Dom with the infamous ten year old lost DGK “Negative to Positive” T-Shirt in Copenhagen last summer. On inspection it turned out it was his hand writing on the tag, he must of priced it ten year’s prior as a young pigeon working in the shop. 

Kev’s Drop in was an archive clip from 19 years ago. 

Featured in our 2nd ever full length “Workers and Lurkers” 

Lewis became a proud dad to Sydney while filming the video. 

Jim’s no comply was randomly in twice at the premiere. So the video had to be re-exported which took 40 hours. 

Thanks to Mike and everyone involved helping behind the scenes to make this happen and a big thanks to all our loyal customers, Workers and Lurkers.“ 



Lunch Break - Full Note Shop Video 2024

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