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  • Boardmag
  • 22.02.2010

Die Seite ist sehr professionell im Design und Aufbau. Sie ist übersichtlich und es macht einfach Spaß dort rumzustöbern. Z.B. bietet Skate Slate die Möglichkeit diverse Deck, Rollen, Achsen, etc. zu bewerten. Jeder angemeldete User kann unter dem Menüpunkt Gear die Bewertungen der Materialien lesen, sie kommentieren oder eigene Erfahrungen posten. 

Ich habe den Skate Slate Jungs eine E-Mail geschrieben um mehr Backgroundinfos zu bekommen. Rasch kam ich die Antwort, die ich euch natürlich nicht vorenthalten will.   


Boardmag: Who is behind skate slate?

A growing group of riders that want to see the industry grow, and provide
readers a site exclusively focused on the sport of Longboarding. The two
co-founders are myself, Tim Cutting, and Dan Pape of Colabo Innovations

Boardmag: Where is your office?

Virtual office for the time being. We are located between Vancouver BC, Los
Gatos California (SF Bay Area), and Ontario Canada.

Boardmag: What do you expect to achieve with skate slate?

We hope to push the sport of longboarding into mainstream visibility, and
faithfully serve the current riders and participants in the sport with daily
news, gear listings, videos, community and more.

Boardmag: When and how did you had the idea for creating skate slate?

The idea came from both the technology industry which has a number of
popular online destinations to follow all the latest gadgets and
information, and our love of snowboarding that has so many great sites to
follow the sport of snowboarding... we decided that as longboarders.. our
sport deserved a site like that.

Boardmag: What does skate slate means? (in your mind of term)

We picked Slate because it was both used as a stone for writing and telling
stories in the old times, and for its concrete-like look and feel. We picked
Skate because we skate. We put the two together because the website domain
was available and because they sound good together. (Laughing) Is that a
deep enough meaning for you?

Boardmag: How do you rank the europeen longboard scene?

We are very keen to cover the global scene of longboarding. There are
certain hotspots for longboarding around the globe and Europe is definitely
one of those. Skate[Slate] aims to cover the European scene as much as it
currently covers the North American scene. We hope to also attend some of
the races this summer. We'll be looking for a European Rep in the months

Boardmag: Are you working unsalariad?

Like any start-up business, we work for the pride of watching Skate[Slate]
get adopted by the community and for equity in the company. Any $$$ we
receive from sponsors gets poured back into Skate[Slate] to help drive
awareness of the site, or to do our part to push the Longboarding industry

Boardmag: What do think, how big will longboard gets in the future? (in the US and

Generally speaking we believe Longboarding can become more popular than
surfing, snowboarding, and street skating. Call it a pipedream, but if you
go and do the math on the revenue in the Skateboarding industry,
Longboarding has already achieved that in terms of Longboarding vs. Street
Skating. In terms of access to the sport, participants don't all live near
the coast so they can't all surf, and they don't all have the money or time
to go to the mountains to Snowboard... Longboarding is a sport anyone can pick
up.. they just have to live near some pavement.. which we think most of the
world's population can say at this point.
Thank you very much for you help

Best regards

Damien Berlinka

Thanks Damien. Be sure to let me know if you have any follow up questions.



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