Milton Martinez Interview - how to become SOTY?

  • Boardmag
  • 06.01.2020


Milton Martinez Interview - how to become SOTY?


Milton and the Creature guys were visiting Berlin in 2015 and we spent some days together, cruising from spot to spot, just having a good time out there in the streets (see images).

This guy was always relaxed and „on fire“ at the same time - although the tricks he made were super sick, he made me feel that he never showed us his full potential, if you know what I mean. Everything came so easy… just effortless.

I guess these days were just chill for Milton. But last year was crazy… as you all know. 



Here's an exclusive Skater Of The Year interview for Boardmag, enjoy! 




FSOTY Kickflip



J. Hi Milton! Congratulations, you are SOTY 2019. Did you have some time in-between to reflect and realize what this means?


M. Well, to be honest: it´s still all pretty unreal. We didn’t even went on the SOTY trip yet…but yeah, I’m still tripping and I don’t think this feeling is gonna change.. but definitely, it means a fucking lot.




BS Melon Tweaker



J. You worked on this part really hard and totally focussed. The result is impressive and finally you won the trophy. Can you actually plan how to win SOTY? Have you found the secret formula how to do it? ;-) 


M. I was just doing what I do, being a skateboarder out there in the streets with all the homies just having fun and trying to get clips for the video part or whatever projects that you’re working on. But at the end of the day it´s just about being out there, you know? Never did a plan.. actually my plan was trying to finish the fucking video part witch wasn’t easy for me… but it wasn't just me… there is always homies involved and they help me a lot too.




SS FS Nosegrinder



J. Who did the final decision and what was it based on?


M. I have no clue… but: THANK YOU ALL!


J. How did you get the news? A call? Face to face? Who announced it to you?


M. I was skating with a bunch of homies in Buenos Aires and one of the homies called me on the phone and that was it. How I said before: still unreal, till today…


J What was you first reaction?


M. My first reaction was starting to roll another banger.







J. What was it like being at the spots with Jake Phelps in the very last months? What was his influence on your skateboarding during a session?


M. This is a hard one to answer in the right words because it's hard to explain. You need to live that with him to understand, but yeah, having him on the session was the best thing that could happen to you. Having PHELPER screaming at you that you fucking GOT IT or just screaming Argentinaaaaaa… it gets you super fired up and no matter what, you will go for it, so yeah, he was a big influence, cause he is our fucking SKATEBOARD GOD and we’ll fucking miss you, old man.




Nollie Big Heel



J. What are your special memories on 2019?


M. Memories are all special for me, even that my memory suck, I know they are in there, haha. But so many good  trips, good sessions with a lot of homies and you know, life is rad. We just got it, enjoy it and make the most out it. Let’s just keep building more good memories.



J. Any plans for 2020?


M. Keep it going! Have fun all you guys, see you out there, somewhere! SKATEBOARDING FUCKING RULES.



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