Hell’s Ass Contest in the Skate Park of Colmar

  • Boardmag
  • 17.06.2007

Da bei uns in direkter Nachbarschaft auch einiges geht, dieser Contest aber zum gleichen Zeitpunkt wie unsere DVS Demo in Freiburg stattfand, konnten wir leider selbst nicht anwesend sein. Matthieu Schneider von der Colmar Skating Crew hat uns daher folgenden Bericht eingesandt:

The last May 26th & 27th, the Colmar Skating Crew association has organized the first “Hell’s Ass Contest” in the Skate Park of Colmar in France. The Skate Parc has already welcomed the “V7 teenage tour.” in 2005 but had some problems with the neighbourhood due to the noise…

The Hell’s Ass Contest was disputed in two categories: - 16 years old and + 16 years old in skateboard and roller.

Saturday 26 May started with the qualifications, where much young people avid of a ride session were at the appointment. The contest continued on May 27 by the finals so rich in enormous tricks ones than the others. The first final was the – 16 years old with some “local heroes” like Lucas Wagner (15 years old, Herrlisheim) who made in his runs some big ollies transfers, f/s lipslide, huge nosegrabs over all the table,…  he finished 4th. Ludovic Schmitt (13 years old, Ribeauvillé) very technical for his age, impress all the people with his f/s indy transfers, b/s flip, f/s 5-0 on the down curb… he end his run with a amazing wallride bertslide rock!!!

 Ludovic Schmitt,Ollietranfers - Pics by Matthieu Schneider

Charles Heisser (15 years old, Mulhouse) exploited the modules very well with his ollies transfers, b/s crooked on the down curb, b/s flip over the big step. Ludovic and Charles finished 2nd ex-aequo. The winner of this category is Robin Hellot (14 years old, Roesheim) who achieved the unanimity within the jury thanks to his style and enormous tricks, b/s feeble, b/s crooked, nollie heelflip fakie, f/s smith … !

  Charles Heisser,f-s nosegrind - Pics by Matthieu Schneider

The future is assured =) !!

The contest continued with the + 16years old category. These guys had literally ripping the Skate Parc of Colmar. Jean-Philippe Lang (20 years old, Sélestat) “Lover” of the curve, made some amazing tricks like switch blunt reverse, switch 5-0 fakie, f/s overcooks, noseblunt reverse… he finished 3rd of the contest. Steve Beringer (20 years old, Logelheim) the “Pissdrunk” of the contest gained well his 2nd place with tricks like f/s ollie 270 in the quarter, switch flip fakie, f/s tailslide to fakie, b/s 180 switch 5-0 on the down curb… But all these tricks were not enough for “dethrone” the incredible Josselin Tourette (18 years old, Remiremont) already winner in 2005 at the teenage tour in Colmar. He impose itself once again with his awesome tricks like huge kickflip transfers over the big table, b/s feeble and b/s smith on the handrail, 3-6 flip...

 Josselin Tourette,huge kickflip transfers over the big table - pic by Matthieu Schneider

This first edition of the Hell’s Ass Contest welcomed also some artists like Jean Linhoff (draughtsman of several boards for Apo Snowboards) who graff of the very originals frescos. Matthieu Schneider who made an expo of his skateboard & life pics took in Barcelona, Basel, Freiburg, Colmar… and Dj Slugz who mix good music all the weekend.

The contest was passed in an overexcited atmosphere. The level was big for this first Hell’s Ass Contest, who is just the beginning of a long series of events who want organized the Colmar Skating Crew association. So Meeting to the next edition this winter in the skatepark of Colmar.

Results: Skateboard + 16 years old

1st Josselin Tourette (Remiremont)
2nd Steve Beringer (Logelheim)
3rd Jean-Philippe Lang (Sélestat)

Roller + de 16 years old

1st Laurent Muller (Strasbourg)

2nd David Mougin (Strasbourg)
3rd David Lehn (Obernai)

Skateboard – de 16ans years old

1st Robin Hellot (Roesheim)
2nd Ludovic Schmitt (Ribeauvillé)

Roller- de16 years old

1st Gaston Wendling (Strasbourg)
2nd Kamille Claudon (Orbey) &   Charles Heisser (Mulhouse)
3rd Killian
4th Lucas Wagner (Herrlisheim)    

For further information: https://www.colmarsk8ingcrew.com   


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