Hello - Milton Martinez

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  • 15.10.2015

Hello - Milton Martinez


This guy has crazy good skills on a skateboard! Coming from Argentina he's about to conquer the spots and screens around the world. A couple of weeks ago he visited Berlin with some folks from the Creature team. We had some good afternoon sessions cruising from spot to spot and Milton murdered them all - with a smile on his face. 



J. Hey Milton, where do you come from, where do you live right now and how did you start skateboarding? 


M. Hey Joe, I come from a city call Mar del Plata on the southeast of Buenos Aires is a really nice city on the summer but is fucking frozen right now, I live pretty much here in Mar del Plata but have been traveling a lot for the last 7 years, and now I travel more around  the States doing trips with Volcom, Creature and Converse. I start skateboarding because my father skates too and my mom love skateboarding too, so all my life i got a skateboard on my house and i´ve been skating since I have memory.







J. How do you balance your responsibility as a sponsored skateboarder and your private family life? 


M.Sometimes is not easy at all, my girl can understand because she skates too and she knows how this works, but on the trips and traveling a lot like I´m doing it this last years, sometimes it´s hard. I miss my daughter so much, that is crazy, my girl too, but is different you know? When you have a kid everything changes and it´s something amazing, the best thing that ever happened to my life is having a kid. So we try our best to keep together the fam, thats why we are about to go to the States for a couple of months and stay there, i think is going to be easier. But is not that hard to balance the family and a skateboarder life if you love skateboarding and your family things are going to work out well.


J. What happens on tour stays on tour - please forget that and tell us a secret  Creature tour story!


M. I don't have any story from a creature trip that I can't tell you about it, but they´re always are really fun and that is not a secret.




Milton and the stone - a Nollie Bigspin Heel love story



J. Any good Berlin memories? 


M. All memories from this trip are really good, we have fun in everywhere that we went, and Berlin was sick too, the spots, the people, all the art on the street, i think it was really good, riding a bike to everywhere looking for spots and skating everything we can. Had a good time!




FS Flip, fakie Flip line at Polendenkmal



J. Next projects? Video part? Interview?


M. I´m about to go to the States with my family, and then i have a couple trips, I´m trying to get some footage for the new Volcom video, and we are making a video for Creature too with Daf Noah, so yeah I have a couple thing that i have to get footage for and I´m really stoked on that, then is everything about been a father and trying to travel as much I can and skate every fucking day.


J. Last words? 


M. Skate and destroy!





Same spot, different trick: BS Wallride 








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