Creature Skateboards - Berlin Visit

  • Boardmag
  • 19.01.2016

Creature Skateboards - Berlin Visit


The Creature guys spent some days in Berlin last summer. Cruising around the city, checking out spots, drinking beer and having a good time - thats a pretty good plan to enjoy life an get to know the city that´s nine times bigger than Paris and has more water and bridges that Venice. Some guys got hurt, some guys landed their tricks at crusty street spots - in the end of the last day there was a pretty good sunset bowl session too. Thanks for the ride Al Partanen, David Gravette, Truman Hooker, Taylor Bingaman, Kevin Baekkel, Milton Martinez, Noah Daf and David Broach.  




Truman Hooker - FS Smith








Al Partanen - BS Boneless





Milton Martinez - Guy in th sky





Kevin Baekkel - Flip BS Grab Desaster





Milton Martinez - Switch FS Nosegrind









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