Risch Aerohelmets

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  • 17.04.2008

Risch Aerohelmets

We have pleasure to announced new update of Risch Aerohelmets. They are ready in 3 different models Wave, Light Speed and Doris Day. We change the Wave and developed new system for fix the visor much better that before.


This new German product is a aerodynamic subsidiary, I cant label it a Helmet ...it is not legally allowed. The protection of this products will be better that any hang glider or other aerodynamic product in the international trade. Stephan Risch, Luis Lins and Andreas Donhauser, a sculptor, started developing this product in winter 2007. After many prototypes we can provide now the Risch Aerohelmets. Every owner has to sign a contract that this product is only for use as aerodynamic subsidiary. All this products have a safe foam  (middle soft) inside, the foam does have a memory effect. the foam is minimum 2,5 cm / 6 inch thick !

Wave, Doris and Lightspeed...

  • The foam allows me that one size fits all , every customer will get some extra foam if it doesn't fit.
  • The foam is covered with a breathable 3D mash.
  • The internal helmet is fixed with a Velcro fastener.
  • The visor is  anti fog and anti scratch coated.
  • The helmets have all 4 layers of fiberglass.
  • The other helmets (Light speed and Doris Day), have 2 layers of fiberglass, that means in a crash they are flexible!
  • The breech is a German product and guaranteeing tensile strength, the chin strap is as well covered with the 3D mash (German product). 
  • The price for the helmet is a ready mounted and fixed. the helmet comes with a filler coat (that means ready to paint for a painter).
  • We can do the painting, its 120€ extra(every color, I  only need  the color specification)
  • The helmet is handmade, that means small production differences. 

Model nr. 1 " Wave " is 420,- €
Model nr. 2 " Light Speed " 530,- € ,  with internal helmet. no breakaway system!
Model nr 3  " Doris Day "  580,- €,  with internal helmet. no breakaway system! 

We will have special price promotion for the first line of production please send a email if you have interest luis[Klammeraffe]fibretec[Punkt]ch















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