Neues von Seismic Wheels

  • Boardmag
  • 09.08.2007

I'm pleased to announce the immediate availability of the following new Seismic wheels (see photos):

78x50mm Seismic Blast Waves
clear orange 75A - super popular
white 79A - now with bright blue cores!
purple 83A - NEW!

69x52mm Seismic Hot Spots
bright orange 84A - NEW!
(along with translucent sky blue 76A, bright white 80A, green 83A and yellow 86A)

62x45mm 3dm Cambrias
classic "Road Rider" red 80A
translucent sky blue 80A - NEW!
clear orange 80A - NEW!
(along with white 84A) all the Avalons, Avilas, 77mm Speed Vents, and 85mm Speed Vents you've come to know and love.

I tested in few IGSA races the new Blast wave they are sick, great grip and go fast, great size 78mm, good aceleration in turns.
The Blast Wave grip more that Flywheels and also good slide control.
The Orange Blast wave 75a super stick grip i loved. Now i would like to try the 83a purple.


More infos check Geoskate

luis lins

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