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  • 30.03.2007

Written by Justin Boast   

Back in April 2006 I was driving home and took one of many back roads that lead to Durbanville. I chose Malanshoogte which was just a dirt road in the middle of massive wheat fields that lead down to the Fair Cape milk farm. Cruising down I noticed the road had a nice gradient which kept going for quite a distance. Then about 1.8km into the road was this killer drop, thoughts of this road been paved and reaching high speeds on my speedboard rushed through my mind as I sped down the hill in my car. It was one of those hills that you look back and say to yourself don't you wish they could pave that hill.


About 2 weeks later I drove on the road again and this time they had cleared the road and made it wider, which looked like they were going to pave the road. My mouth watered with the thought of the road been paved with smooth tar. That was it it was scout time, for the next month I went back to check on the progress till one day they got to the base coat. The road was going to be paved, I could of taken my board then I was so excited that there was going to be a killer hill just 10mins from my house. But no I contained myself and looked to the skies and ask the big guy just this once can you please pave this road nice and smooth. About 2 weeks later I went back and there it was the smoothest tar in the middle of nowhere, black and new, with 2km of road to skate on before the hill went back up. No stop signs or cross sections just a smooth road.

After months of skating on the road we approach the Fair Cape farmer to allow us to host and event. The meeting went well and the date was set for Sunday the 18th of March, which was just 3 weeks away. SAGRA got into gear and in 3 weeks got all the necessary permits and advertising out before the event. We organised a party the night before the race at one of the local clubs, Corner Bar. We had a big screen projector showing downhill DVD's. The party went well and the next morning it was up early to finish setting the course.


Sunday the 18th arrived and the first race of the year was on. Weather conditions were perfect in the morning with clear skies. All the local riders came out plus a bunch of new riders came to give racing a go. Been only that we had one day to have the event we started early. The riders got their leathers on and started practicing.


The course starts with a straight push and then into a tight right turn. The road curves to the left and back into a straight. Flying down the road you prepare for the final right which drops into the fastest section of the course where top speeds of 97kmh have been reach for downhill skateboard and 117kmh for street luge. Unfortunately during the course of the day an easterly headwind was blowing which kept the speeds in the high 80's. It was quite a process to squeeze everything in one day but finally the racing began.


Positioning was essential due to the course been not to technical so you had to be in the right spot for drafting. There were some tight races with neck and neck finishes. In the end it was two young guns Richard Dweza and Decio Lourenco up against two of the best riders in SA, Stuart Bradburn and Mike Zietsman. Mike used his big push and was riding 90mm fly to get him in front and stay there for the whole 1.9km and took first spot followed by Stuart then Decio and Richard.


Racing went well and the day was a success with plenty of spectators and new riders coming to race. The first race of the year was over, everyone had a good time and there will be a defiant 2 day race again in November. Keep checking www.sagra.co.za for more info and the
message board.


Downhill Skateboard

1.Mike Zietsman
2.Stuart Bradburn
3.Decio Lourenco
4.Richard Dweza
5.Kent Lingeveldt
6.Ben Malherbe
7.Anton Pratt
8.Oliver Nielsen
9.Tibor Hery
10.Justin Boast
11.Luke Godfrey
12.Bradley Barham
13.Dave Hort
14.Josh Smit
15.Christi Wiehahn
16.Tertius Vivier
17.Jerry Jackson

Street Luge

1.Russell Naude
2.Ken Breukel
3.Waldo Swiegelaar
4.Glen Phillips
5.Justin Gootman
6.Michael Malan

Classic luge

1.Russell Naude
2.Faizal Samsodien
3.Jason Kottler
4.Waldo Swiegelaar
5.Ken Breukel
6.Glen Phillips
7.Jeremy Godfrey
8.Ben Malherbe

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Images courtesy of Bay Sports and Mark Le Grange


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