Longboard New Yorck City

  • Boardmag
  • 26.01.2011

Bustin Boards - eine Schmiede aus dem Big Apple. Die Jungs reden im Interview über die New Yorcker Szene.

How big ist longboarding in NYC?

Longboarding in NYC has exploded in the past few years. With each season we see more and more crews being formed. Winter here isn't the most conducive to skating so not everyone skates as much then but during any other season on any given day it would not be unusual for  you to see a crew of 20+ skaters bombing through city traffic being cheered on by pedestrians who are just as stoked as they are. Close proximity is a big factor in NYC being such a hot spot for skating as means of transportation. There is usually only few miles distance (if that) between home and work. It often takes less time skating to your destination that any other mode of transportation and because NYC streets are already crowded with pedestrians cars aren't startled to see skaters weaving through traffic.

The push culture is more than just cruising, what is is about?

is a lifestyle here

Where are your local spots?

One of the biggest draws to longboarding in this city is that you are not restricted to one spot. Our routes frequently involve a loop of Central Park and bombing down Broadway through Times Square. We even have slide and trick sessions at Union Square  and the freshly paved  street in front of our the Longboard Loft.....but the ride and company is always more fun
than the destination.

Is there a difference between east cost and west coast longboarding?

The love and passion are definitely shared but our disciplines aren't always the same. We skate to work and to play. Take away our boards and we lose our primary source of transportation and recreation.

Do you have problems with the police?

Because of the stigma that traditionally goes with street skaters there will usually be some drama with law enforcement. Because we are not in one location for  long we manage to avoid any real confrontation. As long as we keep off sidewalks and some park areas we stay off the radar.

Can you tell us where europeen rider can find you, maybe to ride with
you guys?

Come to NYC and hang out at the Longboard Loft and you will  always have a crew to skate with. Our store has become a center point for the longboarding community here. Riders meet here to chill, skate or even watch movies in our backyard.  The Concrete Kings, a local skate crew has open rides held weekly
throughout the year. They can be found on facebook under that same name. All are invited to skate!

Is it dangerous to ride in such a big city like NYC?

Yes! But it is all relative to how aggressive you skate. Stay in your lane and keep your focus on skating and traffic and you'll be ok.

Can you downhill in NYC?

While there are certain areas where you can reach high speeds but they are
usually short drops that end in traffic. It's still pretty easy to get your fix. A short train ride upstate or to Jersey or Maryland and you can get the dh fix you need.

What event nobody should miss in NYC?

The Broadway Bomb. without a doubt. Every year this event gets bigger and bigger with 2010 having close to six hundred participants. It's an eight mile push race through traffic that draws riders from all over the world.  The onlyrules are wear a helmet , don't skitch and make it to the finish line in one piece!

Thanx to Bustin Boards


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