Katie Neilson im Interview

  • Boardmag
  • 23.09.2011

Vier Jahre lang war Katie Neilson im Sector 9 Team, dieses Jahr ist sie für Landyachtz an den Start gegangen. Mit sieben siegen führt sie deutlich die IGSA Weltrangliste an und ist die absolute Messlatte im Frauen Downhill Skateboard.

Hey Katie, Last year you finished fifth in the IGSA Series. This year you seem to be untouchable, you won practically everything, what happend?

This year, there are two large differences; 1, I have focused on the World Cup Circuit with 5 races won already, and two, Brianne Davis hasn’t been around to really make me work for the top spot. Although I am confident in my ability and believe I could still be holding this position with her still around, it doesn’t change that she is someone you can never come out…even if she was to make a brief return after taking some time off. Really though, I just tried to put a focus on staying on my board at all times during race heats, even if it means I am skating down the hill a little slower than I am capable of. I am not going to fall.

It musst be great to travell the world and skate. What was you personal best moment this year?

It really has been great to travel around the world and skate…for real! Who could say that it sucks though… if someone thought it sucked, they suck. I think that my personal favorite so far has been Prague in the Czech Republic. I have never seen architecture in my life like that before and I am still blown away, almost 2 months later. I am so blessed to be able to experience all these things I want to see through a medium like skateboarding and I can’t believe there is still more to come!

Downhill skateboarding gets more and more professional. Do you see yourself beeing part oft he first professional women downhill skater?

Downhill skateboarding is definitely becoming more professional, and today, I can honestly say that I probably wont be one of the first fully professional riders, but that I probably am one of the first.  Sure, I still posess a desk job 4 days a week…but it’s at Landyachtz, so even then I am surrounded by skateboarding and developing things within it.  Truth is though, between podiums, media incentives and hook ups from Daddies Board Shop…I could pay my rent and eat with out having to sit at the desk for those 4 days;  I would be broke as a joke and unable to afford any fun while I’m living my day to day, but I could do it, I’ve lived that cheaply before. I think I’ve had enough years as a complete skate bum though, I don’t mind working to afford nicer things.

Competition vs freeride, what do you think?

You know, I think if you have as much fun as you can freeriding, your riding will just enter a level of confidence that will prove itself easily on the race course.  Competition is fun and all, but its always the freeride run that has you smiling a lot more.  My body is small and fragile in comparison to a lot of the boys in this game, so its not gonna come as a big surprise to see me freeriding more than racing in the future, especially now that I’ve had a year with such accomplishment. Don’t mistake that as me saying im done.

Today more and more girls get into downhill skateboarding, but it is still dominated by men. How are your feeling about this?

This sport is probably always going to be dominated by men, at least the published side of it.  Unlike street skating, I see it as being much more forgiving and accepting of girls, so that can only grow the numbers…but I think its gonna be interesting to see the direction it will go.  I know for a fact that it wont take long for some aggressive snowboard type girls to get involved, and that is when the race competition is going to get thicker. In that case, all I gotta do is have fun on my skateboard, and keep my level exactly where it is at.

You grew up racing go carts, now you going downhill on skateboard, are you a speed junkie?

Haha, your right, I did grow up racing go carts! Downhill Mountain bikes too in my teens! Adrenaline speed junkie? I guess? I wouldn’t personally call myself that, but yeah, a majority of the population could easily say that about me. I live a fast life.  It’s just trying to find the medium ground between Walk, Don’t run; live fast, die young…  

Last year you were in the sector 9 Team, this year you ride for Landyachtz. What has changed?

For 4 years I rode for sector 9 and really, it was a blast. Those boys always have been and still are people I respect. I still get to hang out with Dudebro, the team manager around a lot of races and there is no bad blood really, because I had to do what I had to do.  Unfortunately, they were really far away, and with no plans of me moving, and lots of plans of moving forward, I had to listen to my heart and shop around for a solution that was going to work better for the direction I was headed.  If I lived in San Diego, I would have loved to work at their warehouse under someone like Dennis who produces a lot of their creative work…but I don’t, and I don’t plan on it so I took the opportunity to get my foot in the door where I could create something for myself.  It’s working out, and I think it’s because I took a chance and pulled the plug on something that just wasn’t quite right as scary as it was to do it.  It wasn’t an easy decision, and on occasion I can’t help but wonder if I made the right choice; but usually in those times, all it takes is one look around my environment to realize I am happier than a pig in shit to support and be supported by the people with whom I am now involved with.  I have an amazing team, and I am going to be able to do amazing things for them in the future because of their support.

2011 is not over yet. Tell us about your next skate plans?

Nope, 2011 is not done!  In a couple weeks here, I pack my bags for South America!  Myself along with Dillon Stephens, Travis Craig, Kyle Martin and Phillip Lemiere.  I tell you man, that is a hell of a crew and we are going to absolutely kill it down there!!!!  Wise and Otherwise!

Your personal skate philosophy.

Skate hard, but only if your having fun doing it.

Last Words are yours...

See ya when I see ya…

You wanna know more about Katie? Check her at the Landyachtz Team!



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