Hexenrennen, Thale (Harz)

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  • 03.07.2006

Hexenrennen, IGSA-Regional-Cup
19.-21. Mai 2006
Thale, Roßtrappe im Harz


We leave Zurich at 20:00 on Thursday, 18 may, arrive in Thale/germany at 12:00 on friday, really long away, 800 km from Zurich, we went with Samy's Yellow van(Samy Cantieni). After this long way I was very tired.

When we arrived everybody was ready to ride, they already had made a run. As of custom I was to say hi for my friends, fora long time i have not seen my friends almost for one year, after to say hi, changed my clothes really fast for riding. The road has 3km in Thale, really good surface for riding. Thale wasn't very technique, only one good turn for left, in this turn you need foot break little bit, but the rest of the road is only speed position, go fast many S's.

My training

Funny lifts

The legs were very tired, long time in the same position, speed position.
After the first run for recognition that the game start and you can analyze where can go fast or where need to brake more.
The high speed in my GPS 72km/h.
After three runs it started raining, I don’t do downhill stand-up in the rain, I collected my equipment put in the bag and went to talk with my friends.

Bettina from switzerland

Robert from switzerland

With the rain back to the camping ground and Sven von Schlachta photographer did session for to show the pictures about the day.

Pictures sessions in the camping ground

Saturday starts really nice, beautiful sunshine, after great breakfast go to skateboard yeahhh! first one run for warm up, after start the qualification. The organization of the event in Thale tried to make the qualifications in three guys together. Big problem with the radios, no work, without the functioning of the radios it was impossible to make the championship, in the afternoon start rain again.
My first time trail or qualification was really funny, i draft the other Germany guy, I never did qualification together with other guys.

me and Adrien from Germany in the qualify

With rain in the Saturday afternoon everybody gets sad, rain a lot and no contest, no race.
Well but in the night we are have big party, I hope really great, for me in special because it is my birthday, 31 year old.
In the night we receive the news from the organization team of that the party had been cancelled, but how Kurt Nischa rider and DJ it was present no problem, Kurt take yours plays and go make party, really nice party, everybody can have fun and commemorate mine 31 years of age. The party finished in the camping ground with big fire.

Robert from Switzerland, Snake from Sweden and Nino from Switzerland
party picture, dj Kurt Nischa and Stephan

Samy and Kurt
Big Fire for my birthday

the last day, everybody sleeps so long, well big party last night, sunday morning nobody wants to ride, the last days too many problems, rain alot, better relax because the way back really long, to the few everybody had left camping ground the return trip was well long, and with the thought in mind next stage KILL HILL will be better?

more picture from this event:

Luis Lins



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