Funil 2006/Contest of Funnel, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, IGSA-National Cup

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Funil 2006/Contest of Funnel, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, IGSA-National Cup
19-20 August 2006 

It happened in 19 and 20 August, district of Glaura, next to the city Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais – Brazil, the championship of Funnel 2006, the second event IGSA in Brasil, the first National IGSA in Brazil. This event counted points for the Brazilian ranking and international IGSA world ranking. 52 athletes in Stand Up, 6 athlete in StreetLuge, 1 athlete in the Butt Board category (discipline recent in Brazil) and only one girl Christie Aleixo representing the discipline Stand Up woman.
The course is 1.1km long, next to the city, it made possible the presence of great public, 1500 hay bail’s had been placed by all extension to guarantee the physical integrity of the athletes.
Two chicanes had been mounted in the course and the Funnel (a nip of two tracks for only a track on the turn).

Glaura, Ouro Preto

Saturday 19 August
Really nice sunshine, Saturday we had the qualify time, where the guy from São Paulo, Tiago Tebet did the best time, Tiago is from the same team then me “Ratos Team” or Rats in English, the second best time from Douglas, the third time from Everton Alves. We don’t had serious accident in the qualify time, pretty good.
The athletes had camped in the municipal school, where also we had the lunch break, the food of excellent quality was served, in the first day the organizers and the riders decided to eat latter for dont to lose time from the contest.




Fabio Gorducho




Sunday 20 August
Sunday started cold with rain, really different from Saturday when we had sunshine.
The race track was wet and the hay bails too, time for the riders meeting, the race director Alexandre Maia did voting between the athletes, to know if everybody want to race in the rain. To the end of this voting he was determined that the event would happen exactly with rain, but with the alterations in the race track, the organisation team took out the chicanes.
On Sunday everybody was in the school for lunch break, nice to have everybody together and eat, like a big family. Still Rainfall, the race and heats starts, the track was drying and the speed of the athletes increased.
finish line
Juliano Lilica second

Renato SpeedSul and Leozinho

Tiago Tebet


Ricardo Caco, Rats Team

The competitive heats, had been determined in the final meters. The final had the fastest guys, my big friend Tiago Tebet, Vermelho, local guy Zezinho and Douglas.
The first place Vermelho, second place Tiago and third place Zezinho.
One problem that occurred on the first day was that the athletes had been without water in the line up all day long. This imperfection continued in the Sunday day because we didn’t had cups to drink the water!! and no tent for protection for the rain. We had a very nice price giving a rad show and all together enjoyed a lot of beer.
I like to say thanks for Rógerio Alcântara, he give me the release about this contest.

shuttleAlexandre Maia IGSA director and organization team

Christie Aleixo


Vermelho the first place

Fabio, Perereca, Felipe Cobra, Rodrigo

Christie Aleixo

Rogério and Christie

Tiago Tebet, Rats Team, second place


Ricardo Caco, Rats Team

Stand up Men:
1º 7 Rafael Finck da Silva
2º 1 Tiago Tebet  (Ratos Team)
3º 20 José Maria dos Mares Guia Neto

Stand up Woman:
1º 16 Christie Aleixo

1º 8 Alessandro Lopes Quirrenbach
2º 2 Filipe Fagundes
3º 6 Denis William de Araújo

1º 1 Raphael da Silva Almeida

Pictures 01, Bilder Rogério Alcântara
Pictures 02, Bilder Champ do Funil,
Pictures 03, Bilder Guilherme
Pictures 04, Bilder Diorandi

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