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  • 26.02.2008

Winds Of Plague Interview - Februar 2008 (english)

Yo metalheads, the singer, his name is Johnny, from Winds Of Plague answered my boring questions…check his answers here:

1. Could you please explain the bandname for our readers? Sounds quite religious by the way.
Unfortunately there isnt much behind it, we were in a pinch for a name, coming up blank so we grabbed the name from an Unearth song Endless.

2. Please tell us more about the foundation of the band and the music you’ve made in the beginning.
We formed the band as strangers from our all boys catholic high school in La Verne, California. Started as any other ordinary high school band, our music was aweful but we were havin fun so we keep at it, were still horrible but were still havin fun.


3. Your first album was called “A Cold Day In Hell”. You’ve put some of the tracks on your new album “Decimate The Weak” as well. Why and what do you expect of it?
We didnt want to wait on writing new songs, we just wanted to get a new album our asap, so we picked some favorites and re-recorded them. We expected criticism because its always strange to hear old songs re-recorded but to a new listener i think they will be appreciated.

4. You have signed to Century Media Records now. How does it feel to be part of such a big label and what do you expect of the guys there?
Its still very overwelming, crazy how everything has come together. This is all a new experience from us so were not sure what to expect but so far CM has been amazing too us and we couldnt be happier.

5. Let’s talk about the new album. The title sounds really ambiguous. Why did you chose this one?
Yes the title has a few personal meanings and we want the fan to be able to have there own thoughts on the title. We went with it because it is a bold statement and to us sparks thoughts when you read it.

6. You have created an overwhelming dark atmosphere by using keyboards. Which ones idea was it?
Like everything else with out band, it just sorta happened, we added keys to one of our songs and it just grew and grew until all our songs feautured keys.

7. What makes you going on with the band, writing new songs and what does the band mean to you?
The band is all we really know. We have put so much time and effort into the band it would almost be like giving up on a life dream coming true if we were to quit now. We might all be broke but we are having a ton of fun and experiencing so many things, i dont see an end for us anytime soon.

8. How would you describe the new album, the songs and the style?
No clue. It has so many elements and styles that its difficult to pin point.

9. In your bandbio you are compared to Bleeding Through and Nile. Do you love being compared to these bands? To which bands would you compare yourself?
Yeah both bands are huge influences and personal favorites. There arent many bands would like to be compared with but Nile and Bleeding Through are both ok in my book.

10. Well you are from California. Why did you decide for metal and not for punkrock?
Metal has just been in our blood. When we started a band we knew we wanted to be a metal band. Metal has the passion and aggression yet its also very challenging and the creative freedom is emense.

11. Your sound is affected by Swedish metal and American metal as well. To which Swedish bands do you love to listen to especially?

Alot of bands but to name a few, The Crown, Meshuggah, In Flames, At The Gates, Soilwork and many more.

12. What about your hardcore roots? These can be heared clearly in the track “Reloaded”. Why did you decide for melodic black metal?
We have also grown up in the hardcore scene, and we had success with an old track “Brotherhood” so we decided to write a sequal.

13. Please tell us what you love and what you hate while being on tour.

We love hangin out with friends and meeting new people. We hate bad weather and fast food. Also not having good sleep and smelling bad.

14.What do you love to do at home in California?

Hang out with friends, go to the beach. Spending time with our families and enjoying the beautiful weather.

15. You were on tour with Shai Hulud and Dead Hearts in Europe. Did you like it and which show did you love best?
It was a hardcore dominated tour so it was a little rough for us but it was alot of fun, Europe was beautiful, my personal favorite show was in Leeds, UK.

16. Thanks a lot for this interview. Keep on going. I love your new album!

Thank you!

Listen To Winds Of Plague@Myspace, Century Media Records Website


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