Interview mit IMPIOUS

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  • 23.02.2007


Interview mit Valle Adzic (Guitars)*

1. Well first of all please explain the title of the new album. “Holy Murder Masquerade” sounds both religious and brutal…

Valle: The title pretty much explains the concept and story of the album.

2. Impious consists of six members. How did this take place? Why six and not four or five as usual?

Valle: Actually we’re 5 members in the band. We used to be 4 in the early days, but now we’re 5.

3. Please tell us more about your new album “Holy Murder Masquerade”. What does it sound like and to which style would you classify this one?

Valle: I would say it sounds like modern oldschool death/thrash metal. It’s catchy and memorable. We also have a bunch of heavy and groovy riffs on the album as well. You know, we don’t really have any border or frames to stay within, we simply play what we like. If it’s good, then it’s good… that’s definitely our philosophy. Do people care what brand the beer is that they’re drinking? No? Because if it’s good, they get drunk anyway. Haha!


4. You are from Sweden. Deathmetal is very famous there. Could you tell us more about the scene over there?

Valle: The scene is great and a lot of kids are into metal these days. I think it’s stronger than ever before. We played at our release party last week and it was sold out. That would never happen a few years ago. We noticed a lot of young faces in the crowd, and that was pretty pleasing to see.

5. When did you meet the guys from Metalblade and what did you do to get a contract with them?

Valle: We met them on a show in Stuttgart when we were on the Necrophobic tour in 2003. The loved the show and simply told us they were interested in signing us. They didn’t really dig our earlier albums, so they told us if we have some new great songs we would definitely get a contract. So a few months later we recorded demo versions of 5 new songs and sent them over. They loved the songs and signed us right away.

6. Well Deathmetal seems to be very famous at the moment. What do you do to differ from other Deathmetalbands?

Valle: Nothing special. At least not when it comes to the music. We try to just write some good music and do it with honesty. But the booklet on this album is pretty different compared to all other bands.

7. Why did you made a comic of the booklet? Are you sick of common booklets?

Valle: No, common booklets are okay I guess. We just wanted to offer something more to the fans. Since the album is a concept album, we wanted to take it a few steps further than any other band has ever done before. We did the booklet in 28 pages and we hired this Italian horror comic artist who made it into a comic book. All the lyrics are inserted into those speech balloons and stuff. So the listener can actually follow the story musically, lyrically and visually! We even brought in professional voice actors to play some of the characters in the story. This really gave life to the characters.

8. What about your lyrics. What do you want to tell the listener with them and what does it mean for you to write deathmetal-songs?

Valle: We don’t have a special message or so. We’re definitely not political. The lyrics on the album are purely fictional, and they’re made to entertain.

9. It’s said that Sweden is a very nice country. What do you do to earn money or can you live on music?

Valle: I have a regular job at Volvo, but I also have my own studio where I earn a pretty decent amount of cash from. So life is good! :)

10. Well Sweden is still a kingdom. What do you think about it and how can you notice it in daily life?

Valle: I don’t really care to be honest. The Royal Family in Sweden is only a publicity stunt. I mean, what has king done to make all that money? Not working his ass off, that’s for sure. So yeah, sometimes it can bug me. If I for example take a walk in Stockholm and see a homeless guy, and a few minutes later I’m walking by the HUGE royal castle… I can’t help to think that it’s unfair.


11. What especially do you like in Sweden and where exactly do you come from?

Valle: I like Sweden very much and I wouldn’t like to live anywhere else I think. At least not permanently. What I like most about Sweden is the welfare system, it really helps the people in need. We come from a small town called Trollhättan which is about 70 km north-east of Gothenburg.

12. You have a big metalscene over there? What is important for the metalkids in Sweden?

Valle: Yeah it is actually. I’m not really up to date on what those kids are up to, but I’ve heard that there are tons of new and young metal bands in our town. That’s cool I think. What’s important for the metal kids here is that we have some very great organizations that provide rehearsal rooms and so on for very little money.

13. A lot of famous bands come from Sweden. Which ones do you especially like?

Valle: I really dig the way In Flames has developed. They’ve worked very hard for a long time and they definitely have my respect for that.

14. Do you have any shows planned for Germany this year?

Valle: Not yet actually, but they will come my friend!

15. Thanks a lot and all the best for your band!!!

Valle: Thanx to you too! Hope to see you on tour pretty soon!




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